Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Winter decoration

During our snowy week, the children prepared hats, gloves, winter jackets, and other winter gears to go to the playground everyday. Our winter gears come in different shapes and colors.
Aegon: When I wear a hat, the snow does not get onto my head and my skin does not peel off. (He was trying to explain not have a sunburn.)
Elly read a story( A three hat day) about a man wearing three hats. There are many kinds of hats in the story.

Ellen liked a striped hat in purple and a hat with a green feather in the story. Lina liked a hat with another kind of feather.
The children looked at pictures of other colorful hats and pointed to their favorite hats and said, "I like this. I want to have it.
Mikayla said, “I'm going to go to the ice cream store, wearing a hat with a house shape.”
Next, we made our own hats with various materials.

When it continued to snow the next day, Mikayla noticed that the trees will be cold but the leaves are still green. The children decided to decorate our hats with nature.
Gwen: Wow, I'll decorate with tree leaves.
We collected leaves and branches from the forest.
The children wore their hats immediately when they finished making them.
Ellen: I'm a princess in the forest.

It was lovely to see how the children connect to our forest and reflected it through the activities for group times. They were able to create their own forest version of the hat story we read.

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  1. Thank you Elly. The part that is so very significant to me is the connections the children are making between the play in the forest and the topics you are helping them explore. This is big thinking for this group of little people.